Cheese & Charcuterie Luxury Hamper



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Prize Details

Loaded with extra alcohol to help you through the cold winter nights. Come with millers elements crackers and Snowdonia chutneys all packed in a large 26 inch wicker hamper. 


Moons Green Wild Mushroom & Truffle

A fantastically perfumed pork salami with earthy notes from John over in Kent 90g

Moons Green Beersticks

No charcuterie hamper would be complete without the world-famous Beersticks 45g

Lishman's Spicy N’duja

In our opinion the best N’Duja produced in the UK. Oily, hot and perfectly balanced. One not to be missed 100g

Charcoal Cheddar

The famous jet black charcoal cheese from Michael Lees in Yorkshire 200g


A creamy, bloom rinded, triple cream cheese from The Nettlebed Dairy in Oxfordshire 100g

Quickes Double Devonshire

A great take on the artisan farmhouse red Leicester. Buttery yet rich cheese from Quickes in Devon 200g

Pavé Cobble

A unique ash-coated cheese with a soft and springy texture that becomes meltingly creamy with age 200g

Simon Weaver Organic Blue

A great soft, bloomy rind, blue from Simon Weaver Organic in Gloucestershire 150g

Cherry & Duck Rilettes

Slow cooked shredded duck & cherry from Cornish Charcuterie down in The Artisan Food Village in Cornwall 150g

Seaweed & Cider Stick

Cornish seaweed and cider make this salami a winner. One of our best sellers and a true icon of British charcuterie 90g

Rebel Seaweed & Sake Coppa

Rebel are the new kids on the block and based five minutes from us in Brighton. A great marbelled ham from the guys 55g

Rare & Pasture Organic Bresaola

Our friends at Native Breeds have now become Rare & Pasture. This bresaola is fully organic and packs a good punch 50g

Moons Green Christmas Game Salami

A festive special from John over in Kent. Game and festive spices adorn this individual salami 90g

Salt Pig G & H Salami

One of our favourite salamis. Rare breed pork, rosemary and black pepper mingle with hand cut back fat to create a stunner of a salami 50g

Lancashire Truffle Bomb

The one and only Shorrocks Lancashire bomb. Matured for two years from Shorrocks in Lancashire 200g

Blue Monday

Blur bassist Alex James helped create this semi soft blue. Strong and piquant blue from Yorkshire 180g

Moons Green Truffle Sticks

Made to the same high standard as our beersticks but loaded with black truffle 45g

Rebel Hunter Salami

Rebels second entry on the list is this great Hunter salami with walnuts and wine 55g

Chiltern Charcuterie Venison Salami

Pairing rich, earthy venison with the clean, botanical flavours of juniper; in this British take, the fennel seeds add a twist of warmth and sweetness 140g

Chiltern Charcuterie Port & Garlic Salami

A winning combination of great pork with port, garlic, and pepper that after being hung for four weeks develops a subtle and quite unique flavour 140g

Tempus Spiced Loin

Another great product from Dhruv & Tom at Tempus. Rare breed pork is heavily spiced to create wonderfully fatty ham 50g

Quickes Smoked Goats

Another great cheddar from Quickes but this time smoked goats milk is used 200g


A great new marinated feta cheese from the Blackwoods dairy in London 250g

Colston Basset Stilton Jar

No Christmas would be complete without a jar of potted Stilton and this one is the best 100g

Baron Bigod Truffle Mini

One of the best raw milk brie’s made in the UK. From the ever-evolving Fen Farm Dairy in Suffolk 250g

Snowdonia Black Bomber

The famous Snowdonia black bomber extra mature cheddar from the Welsh cheese powerhouse 200g

Chiltern Charcuterie Venison Chorizo

A great new product for us. A solid chorizo loaded with paprika and garlic from the guys at Chiltern 50g

Ridgeview Sparkling Wine

A bottle of the finest English sparkling wine on the market 750ml

Plumpton Cloudy Ridge White

A great white from the Plumpton college estate in Sussex 750m

Plumpton Cloudy Ridge Red

A great red from the Plumpton college estate in

Sussex Craft Beer Selection Box

A selection of local craft beers x 4

Draw is set for 8th of Oct at 8:30PM and WILL NOT be extended. If it sells faster we will draw it right away! Once all the tickets are sold, or the draw countdown timer ends - we will draw this prize live on our Facebook page using a google random number generator to select the winner. All entrants are welcome to come and watch the draw live, in person also. The entry list will be posted up on our website, under the entry list tab BEFORE the live draw. We then run a couple of tests, and once we have confirmation from live viewers that the feed is clear - we draw the winning number. You do not need to be watching as we will call you - but its good fun to! We normally get a few hundred live viewers…
You're allocated a random number ON THE DAY OF THE DRAW. This will be emailed to you on the entry list. For each ticket you buy, you will get 1 number allocated to you. The more tickets you buy the more chances you have of winning!