Insta360 Ace Pro Action Camera + Accessories - 11th Feb 24

Ace Pro Action Camera + 1x Standard Mount, 1x Flexible Adhesive Mount,  1x 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick

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Prize Details

The Insta360 Ace Pro combines traditional action camera robustness with a large 1/1.3-inch sensor to give you spectacular 8K video and 48MP still image quality. The Ace Pro is exceptionaly easy to use with smart functionality to capture action sports, travel, and more, with a vlogger friendly flip screen to nail the shot from any angle. It elevates the shooting and editing experience to unrivaled levels of efficiency and creativity.


Main features:
- 1/1.3” sensor
- Leica lens
- Waterproof down to 10m
- Superior low-light performance, powered by 5nm AI chip and 1/1.3” sensor
- Slow-Mo - 4k 120fps capture
- 8k Video
- 48MP Photo – Capture extra detail in with incredible colours
- Dynamic Range. Ace Pro keeps your video stabilised as you move, while keeping details in the highlights and shadows for more vibrant footage
- Delivers accurate and rich colours, reproducing the authenticity of every hue, particularly in underwater situations
- 2.4” Flip Screen
- Gesture Control
- Voice Control
- Time Shift/Dynamic Timelapse/Starlapse/Audo Dash/Loop Recording/Pre-recording/Timed Capture
- FlowState Stabilization/Horizon Lock
- GPS Preview Remote


  • Winter Kit includes 1x Ace Pro, 1x 1650mAh Battery, 1x Standard Mount, 1x Flexible Adhesive Mount, 1x Type-C to C Cable, 1x 114cm Invisible Selfie Stick, 1x Snow Bundle and 1x 128GB microSD Card.


Large 1/1.3-inch sensor
The bigger sensor captures more light, has better dynamic range, and all-round next-level image quality, even in fast-moving action scenarios or low light.

Co-engineered with Leica
Partnering exclusively with Insta360, Leica brings its legendary expertise in optical design and state-of-the-art imaging to the action camera. This premium alliance delivers spectacular visuals of any given moment.

Waterproof to 10M
Engineered for adventure. Ace Pro is waterproof to 10m (33ft), more than enough for embarking on wild underwater adventures. Take the camera down to 60m with the optional dive case.

Rugged design
Trust that your camera can stay in the action even in the toughest conditions. Comfortable in temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C) for reliable winter sports shooting.

Magnetic mounting
Effortlessly mount your camera and seamlessly switch between accessories with the magnetic mounting system. The clever no-frame design lets you easily swap out the battery and power through the action.

8K video recording
Insta360 Ace Pro is the first action camera that supports 8K video capture. Relive life's greatest adventures in unparalleled clarity. Each streak of action, each splash of colour, rendered in stunning detail.

4K 120fps video capture
Immerse yourself in the crisp, clear world of 4K with Ace Pro, all at a whopping 120 frames per second. Unlock a new world of storytelling and action.

Flowstate Stabilisation
Keep even the most intense bumps and shakes at bay with leading image stabilization. Impossibly smooth videos, no matter the action.

360° Horizon Lock
Ramp up the action and keep your videos perfectly level with 360° Horizon Lock. Flawless footage every time. *360 Horizon Lock is only available in FreeFrame Video Mode. Please process the file in the Insta360 app/Studio to apply the effect.

Superior low light performance
A powerful 5nm AI chip employs a complex, custom-trained AI neural network to run PureVideo Mode. Reduces noise, enhances brightness, and improves dynamic range for mind-blowing quality in low light.

Clarity Zoom
Get ready for a closeup and double-tap the screen to zoom in or out 2x without compromising image quality. Unlike other cameras that just crop the image, Clarity Zoom focuses in with the same resolution.

Built-in Active HDR
Ace Pro keeps your video stabilized as you move, while keeping details in the highlights and shadows for more vibrant footage.

Incredible colour accuracy
Ace Pro delivers accurate and rich colours, excelling even when underwater. Whatever the plan, you'll capture it in stunning accuracy and detail. AquaVision 2.0 gets you next-level content in the water.

AI-powered gesture control
Experience an easier way to film. Give the sign to start/stop recording or take a photo. Perfect for group selfies, noisy environments or if you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

Voice Control 2.0
The new voice control algorithm simplifies shooting when your hands are busy. Just give a command and watch it work its magic.

Fast charge & long life battery
Keep going all day long with an extra-long battery life. Capture the action with Ace Pro for up to 100 minutes even when shooting Active HDR video at 4K30fps. Fast charging powers the battery to 80% in just 22 minutes and fully charges in 46 minutes.

Easy sharing
Download footage from the camera while the Insta360 app runs quietly in the background, leaving you free to use your phone for other tasks.

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