Brian Sims won a Triumph Thruxton R for £5.97! Andrew Wells just won a Roller Team Campervan for £6.99! Graham Colvin won a VW UP! Street for just £2.97! Laura Bothamley won a 27" Apple iMac for £6.00! Peter Brogan won a T Tiger 900 for just £5.95! Paul Lightowler won a Kawasaki Z900 for just £4.50!

Past Winners

Winner: Paul Lightowler

Winning Ticket Number: 1754

Ticket Price: £4.50

Winner: Peter Brogan

Winning Ticket Number: 2854

Ticket Price: £5.95

Winner: Laura Bothamley

Winning Ticket Number: 336

Ticket Price: £6.00

Winner: Graham Colvin

Winning Ticket Number: 4080

Ticket Price: £2.97

Winner: Andrew Wells

Winning Ticket Number: 5265

Ticket Price: £6.99

Winner: Brian Sims

Winning Ticket Number: 3120

Ticket Price: £5.97

Winner: Terry Turton 

Winning Ticket Number: 4468

Ticket Price: £7.50

Winner: Michael Tatnell (gifted to his dad Simon on his birthday)

Winning Ticket Number: 1848

Ticket Price: £2.97

Winner: Peter Hay (collected and hidden away by Mrs Hay)

Winning Ticket Number: 2765

Ticket Price: £1.50

Winner: Michael Herman

Winning Ticket Number: 415

Ticket Price: £6.50

Winner: Mark McLaughlin

Winning Ticket Number: 4722

Ticket Price: £7.50

Winner: Owen Bayliss

Winning Ticket Number: 2841

Ticket Price: £6.67