Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable 6 Person Spa!

Max 30 per person
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Prize Details

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Inflatable Spa is a spacious hot tub that will fit up to 6 people. It features a deeply soothing 140 Airjet™ massage system that is perfect for relaxing in the warm 40°C water. The Palm Springs is a premium inflatable spa and is therefore constructed using DuraPlus™ material for its internal beam structure, which provides structural stability and extra stretch resistance, allowing the spa to keep its shape no matter how many times it's inflated or deflates. In addition, DuraPlus™ is also used for the external material for a leather like feel that offers maximum comfort and the ultimate spa experience.

The Palm Springs also incorporates a rapid heating system, energy-saving timer, a digitally controlled pump that includes cup holders and Freeze Shield™ technology so you can enjoy your hot tub any day of the year without any hassle. It also includes an insulating inflatable lid and a clip-on top cover to ensure nothing finds its way into your hot tub whilst it isn't being used. Coming with filters, a ChemConnect chemical dispenser and repair patches, the Lay-Z-Spa Palmsprings hot tub comes well equipped with the essentials that you need to get started to enjoy your relaxation time.



  • DuraPlus™ construction
  • Easy to setup and inflate
  • 2050 W Heater at 20°C
  • Soothing AirJet™ bubble massage system
  • Ultra-strong DuraPlus™ internal beams and outer walls
  • Freeze Sheild™ automatic heating prevents water from freezing
  • Programmable spa heater up to 40 days in advance for future use
  • ChemConnect dispenser provides a stable level of chlorine
  • Power-saving timer controlled heating system
  • Digital control panel and spa pump with integrated filtration system
  • Cup holders to store drinks
  • Reinforced top cover with safety lock clips
  • Seat capacity: 4-6 adults
  • Max heat capability: 40°C
  • Water capacity: 916 L (242 gal) 
  • Actual water flow: 1325 L / h (350 gal/h)
  • Max water depth: 52 cm (20")
  • Filled weight: 1225 kg
  • Net weight: 34 kg
  • Cable length: 7m 
  • Voltage: 220-240V 
  • Inner size: 1.46 m (57")
  • Inflated size: 1.96 m x 71 cm (77" x 28") 


Comfortably fits 6 people:

The Lay‑Z‑Spa Palm Springs AirJet™ is a spacious hot tub that comfortably fits 4‑6 people, making it perfect for families and friends.


DuraPlus™ & Beam Construction:

The internal Y-Beam construction of the Palm Springs is designed to offer superior structural stability while maintaining a comfortable surface, providing a luxurious spa experience no matter how many times it's inflated or deflated. 

The Palm Springs is a premium spa option, and therefore uses DuraPlus™ material in both the internal beam structure, for extra stretch resistance, and in the external material, for added comfort.


40°C Rapid Heating System:

The pump’s integrated rapid heating system allows you to heat the water up to a maximum of 40°C. With thermostatic regulation, it will stop heating when it reaches your desired temperature and only activate again if the temperature drops.


140 AirJet™ Massage System:

The Lay‑Z‑Spa Palm Springs includes a soothing AirJet™ Massage System. This consists of 140 all‑surrounding air jets that encircle the perimeter of the floor to surround you with thousands of tiny bubbles, allowing you to unwind and enjoy a great relaxing experience.


Quick Set Up in 16 Minutes:

As with all Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs, it can be easily set up and inflated in approximately 16 minutes, ready to fill with water. It requires no tools or professional installation required.


Integrated Filter System:

Lay‑Z‑Spa hot tubs include a custom filter system on this inside of the spa. This includes a replaceable filter cartridge inside a removable filter housing unit to keep your water clean from debris and small particles.


Chem Connect Dispenser:

For easy chemical maintenance, the Palm Springs AirJet™ includes a side mounted Chem Connect dispenser specially designed for slow-release tablets. The Chem Connect dispenser can be adjusted for a slower or faster release depending on requirements.


Inflatable Lid & Top Cover:

As an added accessory, the Palm Springs AirJet™ includes an inflatable lid to offer insulation and prevent heat loss. The lid is housed inside a protective top cover with safety clips and helps keep the heat in and keep debris or unwanted guests out.


Power Saving Timer:

To save on energy consumption, the power saving timer allows you to pre-program when you would like your Lay-Z-Spa to heat so it can always be ready for when you want to use it without needing to keep it on a constant heat.


Freeze Shield™ Technology:

Specially introduced for use all-year-round, Freeze Shield protects your Lay-Z-Spa from frost damage in the winter months. It automatically actives to circulate warm water when the outside temperature drops below 6 degrees.


External Pump:

The Lay‑Z‑Spa Palm Springs AirJet™ includes an external pump which is used to inflate the spa, and operate all the functions including heating and the massage systems. The pump includes an adjustable digital control panel and two build-in drinks holders.


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