Ring 12pc Alarm Home Security Starter Kit - 28th April 24



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Prize Details

Ring Alarm Security Kit is a good way to get started in whole-home protection for any house or flat. 

Quick to install, easy to use and completely customisable to fit every home, the Ring Alarm sends instant notifications to your phone whenever doors or windows are opened, or when motion is detected in your home. 

Included in the 12pc kit is: 

  • Base Station

  • Keypad

  • 4 x Contact Sensors

  • 3 x Motion Detectors

  • Range Extender

  • Outdoor Siren

  • Indoor Camera


Real-time notifications

Receive notifications when any of your alarm sensors are triggered.

24-hour backup battery

Keep your home safe and secure, even if the power goes out. 

Easy to Install 

Everything you need for DIY installation comes in the box, so you can easily set up the Alarm in minutes. Simply plug in the Base Station, activate the system via the Ring App and place the Contact Sensors, Motion Detectors and Outdoor Siren where you need them. 

Now Featuring an Outdoor Siren

Install the Outdoor Siren outside your home, and in the event of an emergency the adjustable volume siren and flashing LED lights will alert others and help identify your property, quickly. 

Meet your Security Team

  • Base Station - The brains behind it all. Keeps your alarms and sensors connected to each other and provides up to 24 hour battery power if your power goes down. 

  • Keypad - Allows you to control your system inside your home with a battery powered keypad. Mount to any flat wall, or leave it on a nearby surface for everyday convenience. 

  • Motion Detector - Smart enough to ignore pets, while detecting intruders. Mount to room corners or flat walls and get real time notifications when motion is detected. 

  • Contact Sensor - A compact, secure sensor that can be mounted to doors or window frames, so you know when they’re open. 

  • Range Extender - This helps extend the signal from your Alarm Base Station to all components, ensuring security coverage stays strong and clear. 

  • Outdoor Siren - Now with additional deterrence, install the outdoor siren and in the event of an emergency, the adjustable volume siren and flashing LED lights will alert others and identify your property quickly. 

Indoor Camera: 

  • 1080p HD video and check-in at any time with Live View

  • See, hear and speak to people on camera day or night from your phone or tablet

  • Two-way talk with noise cancellation

  • Customise your motion sensors to focus on important areas at home

  • Get real-time notifications whenever motion is detected

  • Place it indoors on flat surfaces or mount it to a wall

  • Easy to install, Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) simply plugs in to a standard electrical socket

  • Pets Camera

  • Colour Night Vision

  • Integrated mounting base/stand with adjustable angle. Can sit freestanding or mounted to a wall or ceiling

  • Wi-fi Connection:11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz. Internet requires a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2Mbps is recommended for optimal performance.  

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