SONY PS5 + Playstation Portal Bundle


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Prize Details

Brand new Sony Playstation 5 

The Sony PlayStation 5 rewrites the rules of what a console can do. Combining a custom CPU, GPU and lightning fast SSD storage, it'll load up all your games almost instantly, no matter how expansive.

Gaming graphics just got a lot more realistic. The PS5 works seamlessly with 4K HDR TVs, with the ability to output Ultra HD graphics with a 120 Hz refresh rate. If you have a 4K display, you can play at up to 120 fps for incredibly smooth, precise motion.

With support for HDR content, every game, character, and scene looks vivid and alive with colour. And ray-tracing technology creates true-to-life shadows and reflections to reach a new level of realism in supported games.

The all new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller transforms the way every game feels. The controller features haptic feedback, letting you feel the effects of the actions you take in the game.

The triggers have changed, too. With dynamic resistance levels, Adaptive Triggers make everything from taking a shot on goal to overtaking on the racetrack feel unique. No matter what your next move is, the physical impact is just as immersive as the visuals.

Want to play against your mates online? A PS Plus subscription lets you team up with friends online and do battle with millions of players worldwide. PS Plus members get exclusive deals on the latest games and access to brand new game demos. Get involved!


Playstation Portal


Unleash the power of your PS5 with the PlayStation Portal. It lets you play your favourite games on the 8” Full HD screen instead of the TV. Because unlike your TV, you can take the Portal anywhere around the house. It connects to your console over your home WiFi, so there'll be no wires to tie you down. Your bed, living room couch, or the sun loungers are all game. As long as the WiFi reaches, of course. And you don't have to worry about missing out on the immersion. It's got all the DualSense Wireless Controller features you know and love. Haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and precise controls are right at your fingertips to help you feel and win the game.

Good to know

- It supports 1080p gameplay at up to 60 fps, so you'll have all the resolution and fps you need to win
- Being purpose-built for the PS5, there's no waiting around – just turn it on and get straight to gaming
- It weighs just 540 g, so your arms won't be getting tired any time soon





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